Rosie Crevar  


"What I Did While My Family Was On Vacation"

Rosie patiently waiting for the door to open - finally!

I guess I can come out now.

Rosie helping Dave sort his bills.

Checking out the office furniture.

It's time to check out some other places...

This hallway is kind of boring.

Hmmm...I think I smell something!

Wait! What is it? Oh No!!

It's Smokey "The Smokinator" Horne!

They're both wondering...What are you doing here?

Smokey fearlessly moves in for a closer sniff.

Rosie isn't too sure about this.

But on the other hand, she's curious too.

Smokey must protect his turf. He assumes the position.

His honor is at stake here.

Rosie gets a little closer to say "Hello"

Smokey leaps at the hide under the table.

No one will see me here!

Hey, what's happenin' here?

Hmmm...this looks comfy.

It has that strange feline smell.

We're having a great time!