Torbie Pet Family

Dave's Kiddies:

Tessa: The Big Torbie!
Diesel: The Big "D"!
Lionel: The Lovable Tabby

Linda's Kiddies:

Snowy: The Snowflake!
Torbie: Danny's new niece!
Clover: Our Newest Hammy!
Osito: Our Newest Hammy!

Friends of the Family

Rosie: "On Vacation with Smokey"
Josh: the Chinchilla

In Memory of:

Cloud: Cutie
Sienna: "The Calico" 3/5/01
Sasha: "The Queen" 9/27/00
Snooks: "The Little Buck" 8/13/00
Smokey: "The Smokinator" 8/8/99
Butternut: "The Crazy Hammy"
Tofu Pup
Smokey Bear

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